28 September 2010

USSR Remix

Azerbaijani artists
Tou Scene, Stavanger

You are entering a world relieved of the USSR dictatorship. Or is it relieved? Does the legacy live on, whether as a historic basis, or by taking a new form?

USSR remix
Chingiz - My History

The exhibition USSR Remix shows the work of artists of Azerbadijan origin. The works are based on the experience that the Soviet legacy is still present. It is visible through the still present figures and pictures of Lenin and Stalin, by rusting and degrading warships and military installations, by pictures of refugee camps.

USSR remix
Sabina Shikhlinskaya - Ship - Bolshevik Nariman Narimanov

The artists also show how the strong rule lives on in a new wrapping. Like in the work "very very red", the banners are still saying "red", even if they are green. Like the map of the former occupied Soviet territories that used to be all red, now are represented by their money portraits. Like the poet and philosopher statues silenced by being wrapped in for repair. Like the flag installation changing from Soviet Azerbadijan to the Azerbadijan republic to the McDonald's flag. Capitalism has replaced the Communism. The strong people have shifted chairs, like in one of the video installations, but the people and art is still not free.

USSR remix
Bahram Khalilov - Money Faces

USSR remix