21 September 2010

Nuart 2010 - the Landmark series

M-City uncovered
The largest piece - 10x41m - made in three days
after the scaffolding was removed

Finished work by Vhils
The piece is made on the wall of an old fish canning factory, next door to a rain hat factory

Work by EVOL
work by Evol
work by Evol
work by Evol
Work by Evol
Work by Evol
Work by Evol
work by Evol
The Pedersgata street is lined with electricity box sized buildings

Finished work by Dolk - after the rain
painted in rain and wind the last night

Finished work by Sten&Lex
the result of ten long days struggling against rain and wind

Take the tour yourself, map of all the artwork here
This exhibition is always open and there is no entrance fee!

And a video from the tour is here