25 September 2010

Nuart 2010 theft

I could not believe that any of the artwork of this year's Nuart would disappear as soon as one week after the opening. After all, most of the work are really large, set on buildings. But Evol's stencils of large buildings on small boxes seem to have drawn the attention of burglars. The vandal has been vandalised.

Stolen art - GIVE IT BACK!

This is really sad. I have met so many people that enjoy these boxes, not one single negative word about it. People really appreciate them, but apparently some appreciate them too much. Three of the 27 boxes are now missing. This is vandalism against the box-company, the artist, the Nuart festival, and all the people walking in the street. I hope the burglars put the lids back, or at least end the stupidities by not destroying more artwork.

There might be possible to find some symbolism or conseptualism in this, but I refuse to look for it. I'll rather be looking for the missing art.

This was what it looked like:
Work by Evol