30 September 2010

Streetart in Tartu

Tartu is this charming smaller brother of Tallinn, with about 100 000 inhabitants, a historic old town and with the national University founded in 1632. I love Tallinn, don't get me wrong. But Tartu seems like more easygoing, relaxed, inspiring. It might be because it does not have the obligations of a capital, because of the University being a source for creativity, or because of the less intense business environment. Anyway, in Tartu you can enjoy a hippie-like environment, an aura of creativity and inspiration, and great, friendly people. One of the signs of this is the abundance of streetart, especially stencils all around in town. Some with a really weird but very funny kind of humour.

"What's happening?"

Streetart in Tartu

Streetart in Tartu

Edgar Savisaar - mayor of Tallinn and leader of the populist Central party
Streetart in Tartu

Streetart in Tartu

Streetart in TartuIf you vandalise, then do it properl

"This day is best for catching bananafish" + "Don't feed the mice!" + "Wanna walk"This day is best for catching bananafish + Don't feed the mice! + Wanna walk

"I love yellow socks"I love yellow socks

"Label on the cans"Label on the cans

"Sitting generation"Sitting generation

"Happiness is just around the corner"Happiness is just around the corner

"You are what you create"
You are what you create

"Words at eye-high level"Word at eye-high level

"Write your name everywhere"Write your name everywhere

"Look underground"Look underground

"Let me love something else than money"Let me love something else than money

work by Multistab
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