11 September 2010

Lasva Water Tower Gallery

The Estonian Architect Union declared the Lasva water tower gallery winner of the "small-building" category in 2007-09. The former water tower was transformed into a gallery for the small village Lasva in Võrumaa, South-Estonia by architect Veronika Valk. To get from the entrance and up to the gallery and view-platform you have to ascend a piano-shaped staircase. As you step on the black steps, a tone emerges. You make music as you walk. Descening you will hear different sounds. The cut-outs of the openings for entering the gallery of the water tank on top of the tower are transformed into benches for the outside.

The tower is painted white and adorned by a painted traditional pattern. The inside is dedicated to information about the local history and sights, and space for art exhibitions.

Lasva cultural center

Lasva cultural center
Interior, the piano staircase

More info in Postimees (in Estonian).