28 March 2012

Museum B van B: Collection

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Sculptures, installations

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has an immense collection of paintings and sculptures from the medieval times to the present time. But what I find most interesting are the sculptures placed in semi-public areas like the entrance, wardrobe and staircase. Here are some tastes:

Richard Serra: Waxing Arcs
Richard Serra: Waxing Arcs

Pipilotti Rist: Let Your Hair Down
Pipilotti Rist: Let Your Hair Down

An installation placed in the roof of a staircase. You climb onto a hanging net, where you can lay down and put your head on a pillow while watching video art of your choice in the roof. An installation where the viewer becomes part of the art.

Pipilotti Rist: Let Your Hair Down
Pipilotti Rist: Let Your Hair Down

Jeff Koons: Baroque Egg With Bow
Jeff Koons: Baroque Egg With Bow

Wardrobe art
Even the wardrobe is a piece of art - it even comes with a user guide. You put your coat on the hanger, hoist it up, lock the rope, and hey, your jacket is part of the installation, out of reach for pickpockets.

27 March 2012

Chuck Close: Prints

Chuck Close
Kunsthal Rotterdam
Portraits, multilayer printings and processes

This could be an exhibition of beautiful large-scale up-close portraits. But this is also an exhibition about printing techniques. Chuck Close is showing his virtuousity in both detail and material:

Some portraits have an immense number of layers of every step on the grayscale, printed with stencil technique. Some portraits consist of tiny digits, each one a piece of art itself, and seems like no connection to the whole at all until you back off and see the colourful portrait. Some portraits are made by woodprint, some are made on fabric. And each technique is described in detail and level-by-level.   

Here are some impressions:

Chuck Close prints

Chuck Close prints

Chuck Close prints

Chuck Close prints

Chuck Close prints 

Exhibition page here

25 March 2012

Jasper Krabbé: Closer to You

Closer to You
Jasper Krabbé
Kunsthal Rotterdam

Jasper Krabbé: Closer to 

Over a period of more than a year the dutch artist has portrayed his wife in a wide variety of techniques. This massive amount of portraits in watercolor, pen, pencil, oil and more are hanging close side by side over two floors in the Kunsthal. The portraits are in different sizes, all with different frames, often on recycled paper. As his wife she has probably been the easiest model to portray, and at the same time it has been done with a deep affection. This is a grand dedication to her, both with the classical posing portraits and the voyeuristic everyday situations. The variety of techniques and motives are impressive, but most eyecatching is the arrangement of the pictures, in a long line with no space between. Probably against all rules of exibition aestetics, but this is what creates such a strong impression.

Jasper Krabbé: Closer to You

Jasper Krabbé: Closer to You

Exhibition page here

Nils-Thomas Økland: Confessions of a Volkswagen

Confessions of a Volkswagen
Nils-Thomas Økland
Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger
Installation, photo projections

Nils-Thomas Økland: Confessions of a 
In a dark room, two sculptures shaped like the hood of a Volkswagen Beetle are mounted on a mountain range. The sculptures projects pictures from the past. From a time when the Beetle dominated the streets, on journeys in Norway, to Iceland and on the European continent. Common for all the pictures are the presence of a Beetle, all people are erased. Two stories are told, one of a red Beetle, and one of a grey one, exactly like the color of the sculptures.

Here is the love of design, nostalgia, the joy of recognizing places. And at the same time a view on the car's importance, about how a story is told, and recycling.

Nils-Thomas Økland: Confessions of a 

Nils-Thomas Økland got hold of a collection of diapositives. Flicking through them he discovered that many contained a red or a grey Beetle, often dominating the picture, sometimes more in the background. He put these pictures together in two series, one red and one grey. All human faces were painted over. The projectors were built into shells resembling the design and shapes of Beetles, even painted in original colors.

Now Beetles are rather few, but in those days they were in absolute majority. Volkswagen was the people's wagon. A car was not only a mean of transport, it was the symbol of freedom, no borders, holiday and fun. The car was an important part of their lives, that is why it is so often photographed. Here is a lot of nostalgic feelings for us who grew up with a Beetle.

Nils-Thomas Økland: Confessions of a Volkswagen

This is not the story of the owners and their travels. This is the story of two Beetles and their travels. Only stories important for the car are included, all other are excluded. Even the people are not important, they are redused to props. In contrast to the other story-telling Beetles like Herbie and Pelle Policecar, this story is fragmented and offer no other red line than the protagonist and the era when they existed.

This is also a recycling of memories. Watching other people's holiday pictures can be hopelessly boring, especially when you do not even know them. But in this setting no story is told, you have to make it yourself. Other people's stories (or rather the cars' stories) become your story. Memories are recycled just like the positive feelings for the "old VW Beetle" lead to high sales for the "new VW Beetle".

But as Volkswagen are trying to recollect the positive feelings of the original Beetle in a new wrapping, Økland is creating something new with its own value. His sculptures are based on the feelings, shapes and colors of the car. But he creates objects with a different function. They are still vessels for transport, not physical transport, but travelling by mind. And the sculptures have their own beauty in their rounded shapes and shine.

Nils-Thomas Økland: Confessions of a Volkswagen

Åse Anda: Prosess

Åse Anda
Galleri Sult, Stavanger
Abstract paintings

What happens when a graphic artist starts painting? Åse Anda is a graphic artist, but lately she started painting, and the results are on display at Galleri Sult. It is interesting to see her technique of cutting the canvas into pieces, sewing them together again, and then adding colors to the areas. Some places the cuts are strictly followed by color, other places not so strictly. Some paintings have these color fields, but are of just one large canvas.

 Åse Anda: Prosess Åse Anda: Prosess Åse Anda: Prosess

23 March 2012

Streetart in Rotterdam

Art by Ludo, Spaceinvader and many others
Central Rotterdam

Here are some streetart found in Rotterdam.

Ludo art from far
Ludo has been here as well, making some giant pieces. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to get close.

Various artists
Notice the big-mouthed gnome on this container. More of that when I get to Utrecht.

Tape art
So easy, so fun

Bench art
Sit down, and the monster will eat you

Guerilla bird boxes
Art for the birds

Heart kids
A sweet one

Sticker art
Sticker by Das Boat(?)

Power box troll
Pen drawing on powerbox

And this discovery in the end:
Space invader
Recognise this one?

Space invader up close
Spaceinvader up close

22 March 2012

Streetart in Amsterdam

Marek, Fake, Laira, Encore, Bust, Thex1981, C215, Laser 3.14, Tona, Tirho, Alien-tje, Ludo, Malakkai, Cisco, Spaceinvader and more.
Various spots in central Amsterdam

Prepare for a streetart-bonanza from Amsterdam. First some of the local artists:

- obsessed by jazz players

Work by Marek

Streetart in Amsterdam
Marek + Thex1981

- powerful stencils

Work by Fake

Work by Fake

Work by Fake

- skulls and skeletons

Work by Laira

Work by Malakkai and Laira
Laira + Malakkai

Work by Laira

Work by Laira

- portraits on tiles

Tile art by Encore

Glass tile by Encore(?)

- popart portraits

Work by Bust

Work by Bust
This one is a peculiar one, as the paste-up portrait is from the present exhibition at Rotterdam Kunsthal - Portraits by Chuck Close. More about that exhibition in another post.

Work by Bust + Zaira + Anops4
Bust + Zaira + Anops4

- hand cut multilayer paste-ups

Work by Pirho + Tona and more
Tirho + Tona and more

- exotic multilayer stencil paste-ups

Work by Pirho

Work by Tirho

- site-specific freestyle

Work by Alien-tje 

- rastafari stickers and stencils
Work by Thex1981

- a great crossover of Vermeer
Modern Vermeer by CODEFC

LASER 3.14
- text messages

Work by Tona + Marek + Tirho + Laser 3.14
Tona + Marek + Tirho + Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14

And some internationally famous artists:

- green reincarnations of everyday objects

Ludo + Laser 3.14
Ludo + Laser 3.14

Work by Ludo

- complicated freestyle fantasies

 Work by Malakkai + Cisco

- tile alien ships invading public space

Work by Invader

Work by Invader

- beautiful multilayer stencil portraits

Work by C215



- weird bubblebeings

Work by London Police

- beautiful portraits handpainted directly onto the surface
Work by AliCé

And some great pieces by unknown artists:

Unknown streetart

Streetart in Amsterdam

Streetart in Amsterdam

Streetart in Amsterdam

Streetart in Amsterdam

Streetart in Amsterdam

Diver messages

Work by Marek + Malakka(?) and more

Streetart in Amsterdam

Paste-up women in Amsterdam

Game Over

Game Over