23 March 2012

Streetart in Rotterdam

Art by Ludo, Spaceinvader and many others
Central Rotterdam

Here are some streetart found in Rotterdam.

Ludo art from far
Ludo has been here as well, making some giant pieces. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to get close.

Various artists
Notice the big-mouthed gnome on this container. More of that when I get to Utrecht.

Tape art
So easy, so fun

Bench art
Sit down, and the monster will eat you

Guerilla bird boxes
Art for the birds

Heart kids
A sweet one

Sticker art
Sticker by Das Boat(?)

Power box troll
Pen drawing on powerbox

And this discovery in the end:
Space invader
Recognise this one?

Space invader up close
Spaceinvader up close