03 August 2012

Vhils at Komafest

Vardø, Norway
Initiator and project artist Pøbel, produced by Nordnorsk Kultursenter and the inhabitants of the town
Visiting artists: Pøbel (NO), Horfe (FR), Remed (FR), Ken Sortais (FR), Ethos (BR), Roa (BE), Vhils (PO), E.B Itso (DK), Tristan Manco (UK), Stephen Powers (USA), Atle Østrem (NO), Husk Mit Navn (DK), Conor Harrington (IE)
Relational art / street art

Vhils is making his unique "archeological murals", carving into the wall instead of painting on it. The buildings contain so many stories, and he is digging in to find them. At these project he found portraits from the historical photo archive of Vardø. The people on the wall are not only Vardø people, they are connected to the buildings as well.

Vhils at Komafest
This is the portrait of a baker that lived in this house and ran a bakery at the other side of the street.
Some parts of Vardø was destroyed during WWII, but this part of town was saved. Here are small, nice wooden buildings that used to belong to people of Kven origin (Finnish-Norwegian).

Vhils at Komafest 
This portrait is carved into the wooden wall of a house in the fisherman part of town, just behind the pier. The portrait is of course of a local fisherman.