16 August 2012

Pablo S. Herrero & David de la Mano

Pablo S. Herrero & David de la Mano
Vitensenteret, Sandnes
Commissioned streetart

One of the things I love about streetart is how it just pops up somewhere withouth announcements, especially in places I dit not expect it. This is happening quite seldom in Stavanger and even more seldom, or rather never, in Sandnes. You can then imagine my surprise when I discovered two guys painting in clear daylight on a large wall belonging to the science museum in Sandnes. They turned out to be two Spanish artists called Pablo S. Herrero and David de la Mano invited here to paint for the museum. They were lucky to be painting on probably one of the nicest days this Summer. The sunshine, this friendly meeting, great surprise, and this beautiful mural turned my day into a fantastic one. I will enjoy this painting every time I drive into town.

Work in progress in Sandnes
work in progress

The forest of the mind
final piece