03 August 2012

Conor Harrington at Komafest

Vardø, Norway
Initiator and project artist Pøbel, produced by Nordnorsk Kultursenter and the inhabitants of the town
Visiting artists: Pøbel (NO), Horfe (FR), Remed (FR), Ken Sortais (FR), Ethos (BR), Roa (BE), Vhils (PO), E.B Itso (DK), Tristan Manco (UK), Stephen Powers (USA), Atle Østrem (NO), Husk Mit Navn (DK), Conor Harrington (IE)
Relational art / street art

The European noblemen of Conor Harrington seem strangely out of place in Vardø. But at the same time they fit in. They are reminders of the proud history of the town, being the civilization outpost. There must have been noblemen at the fortress, probably also training their fighting abilities and going hunting.
 Conor Harrington at Komafest Conor Harrington at Komafest Conor Harrington at Komafest