23 August 2012

Jasper Zoova: Võrkskulptuurid / Mõttejaamad

Võrkskulptuurid / Mõttejaamad
Jasper Zoova
Pärnu Muuseum, Pärnu, Estonia
Installations of metal fence material, sculptures and video

Jasper Zoova seems to not only enjoy what he does, he seems to have a lot of fun with it too. He creates fantasy animals, often combined with found material or garbage. He even creates designated thought stations, where his wild ideas probably emerge from. The exhibition shows a promo video of an alternative EU where everybody are friends and everything is nice. A grasshopper sculpture emerge sound according to how close you go. And there is a video featuring the artist in his characteristic red fool's hat. A great exhibition in this fantastic space above the brand new Pärnu Museum.

Jasper Zoova: The Copper Horseman

The Copper Horseman

Jasper Zoova: Thought stations
Thought stations

Jasper Zoova: Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Jasper Zoova: installation

Jasper Zoova: Mutsiseeriv Rohutirts
Mutsiseeriv Rohutirts

Jasper Zoova: installation and video "Parallell EU"
 installation and video "Parallell EU"

Jasper Zoova: video