03 August 2012

Locals at Komafest

Vardø, Norway
Initiator and project artist Pøbel, produced by Nordnorsk Kultursenter and the inhabitants of the town
Visiting artists: Pøbel (NO), Horfe (FR), Remed (FR), Ken Sortais (FR), Ethos (BR), Roa (BE), Vhils (PO), E.B Itso (DK), Tristan Manco (UK), Stephen Powers (USA), Atle Østrem (NO), Husk Mit Navn (DK), Conor Harrington (IE)
Relational art / street art

Komafest was not only about visiting artists, it was a lot about the town and the locals. Therefore is was pure logic to let locals contribute as well.

Roy Hardin at Komafest
Roy Hardin

This mural was made by Vardø artist Roy Hardin, creating a portrait of the Vardø island in some wild, outworldish storm.

The public wall at Komafest
The public wall

All were invited to sign the public wall, situated on the public lot in the harbour. It is so enjoyable to see everybody from the kindergarden kids to grownups openly doing what other places would be considered as vandalism, writing their name on a wall!