22 May 2011

Walk This Way - outside

KØS - museum of art in public spaces
Køge, Denmark

the map of Walk This Way - design by Mormor
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After a visit inside the museum, it is time to have a look at the art outside. The museum handed out a beautiful map made by the artist Mormor, with description of the artists and the location of the pieces.

It was great to see work from artists I knew from before, like Brad Downey, Swoon and Sten&Lex, but also very interesting to see Swedish and Danish artists. I can imagine what an uninteresting place the harbour was before, and how wonderful it is now with all the artworks! The town itself is a typical Danish town, with a pedestrian street and nice, small Danish houses, and some ugly sculptures. But with the new art added the street turns into a treasure chest.

Public art in Køge before Walk This Way
Public art in Køge before Walk This Way

Work by Stickkontakt
Stickkontakt (S) - covering trees with knitted patches sewn together

Work by Basco5
Basco5 (DK)

Work by Swoon
Swoon (US)

Work by Josefine Günschel
Josefine Günschel (D)

Work by Pink Army
Pink Army (DK)
- these pink soldiers are everywhere in town

Work by Stickkontakt
The gate to the industrial harbour area, covered by Stickkontakt (S)

Work by Tejn
Tejn (DK)

Work by Papfar
Papfar (DK)
- flirting with the locals

Work by Brad Downey and Akay
A cabin showing photos and videos of performances by Brad Downey (US/D) and Akay (S)

Work by Brad Downey
Brad Downey (US/D)
- i can just imagine how fun it must have been to make this!

Work by Akay
Akay (S)

Work by Sten&Lex
Sten&Lex (IT)
Knowing how much work it takes to make their art, I was shocked to see this massive wall painted. Impressive.


The question is, will this exhibition change the town? Are the inhabitants appreciating the artwork, or is it mostly enjoyed by visitors?

After exiting the museum I came across this man and his son, tearing up the textile covered bench. They did not know that this was an artwork by Stickkontakt. They were stopped and explained that this was a piece of art, and handed a folder of the exhibition.

Locals interacting with the art.

More pictures from the exhibition here: