21 May 2011

KiR commisioned work at Stavanger University

Rogaland Art School (KiR)
Commisioned work
at Stavanger University (UiS)

The new student homes at Stavanger University at Ullandhaug are beautified by the 1st year students at Rogaland Art School, Stavanger. The grey concrete and steel buildings have been critisized of being ugly, Sovietish and boring. The students at Rogaland art school were invited to do something about that, and two concepts were chosen by a jury. A knitwork design by Svanhild Haugen and a large X with the text "Contemporary Emergency" by Henning Klungtvedt were chosen. Both designs are in black, thus both contrasting and blending into the buildings. They are working together with their fellow students on the walls for about three weeks.

Commisioned project by KiR
Contemporary Emergency

Commisioned project by KiR

In my opinion the buildings are interesting, despite the critics. The strict lines and surfaces in concrete are highlighted with the metal details. A decoration of the buildings chosen after the buildings are built could easily be something that tried to hide the building or make it different. But these designs are enchancing the qualities of the buildings, adding an extra feature. The knitwork pattern is simple, strict and geometrical, but at the same time it gives a warm, cosy feeling. The giant X is provocative and alarming, but at the same time puzzling. What is the contemporary emergency? Is there something we do not know about, should we be alarmed?

Commisioned project by KiR
work in progress

I am looking forward to when it is finished and the scaffoldings are removed.

More about the project in Rogalands avis