26 May 2011

Fokus video art festival

Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen

This is an exhibition you could spend days at. The church hall of Nikolaj Art Hall offered a vast variety of video art, curated by several people, focusing on different themes. On several screens the different curators showed their selection. The result of an open competition was also showed. And if you wanted to see the contributions that were not chosen in the competition, or just any of the videos shown in the exhibition, there were screens where you could pick and choose for yourself.


This is an exhibition you would have to spend a certain amount of time on to enjoy. You could choose to see through the selection of a curator, or just wander around and see what catched your attention. My attention was most of all caught by the selection curated by Katrine Ring, showing documentation of street art. The same selection is also shown at the "Walk This Way" exhibition at Køs museum of art in public spaces, in Køge.