22 May 2011

Walk This Way - inside

KØS - museum of art in public spaces
Køge, Denmark

The KØS museum in Køge town just 45 minutes by train south of Copenhagen has changed the appearance of the town for the summer. During the Walk This Way exhibition they invited Danish and international artists to make their art inside the museum and in the streets and in the harbour of town.

Inside the museum are also videos showing work by several of the artists. This selection is also shown in the video festival "Fokus" at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen.

Here are highlights from the museum:

Køs - museum of art in public spaces
KØS - museum of art in public spaces
Pink installations by Pink Army

The Køs museum foyer
Inside the KØS museum
Art by Moss Couture (DK)

Work by Basco5
Basco5 (DK) and Phucisme (DK/VN)

Work by Phucisme
Phucisme (DK/VN)
- even the toilets are decorated!

Work by Mormor
Toilet art by Mormor (DK)

Work by Don John
Don John (DK)

Work by Pink Army
Pink Army (DK) - with a plan for ending all wars and sending in pink soldiers instead

Work by Basco5
Basco5 (DK)