02 May 2011

More streetart from Milan

Here are some more highlights from the Milan streetart scene:

Crime scene
Crime scene. I have actually seen similar pieces in Tallinn:
Street Art (or Railway Art), Tallinn

Knitted invaders
Did Space Invader start knitting?

Untho is never tired
Untho is never tired. More about the project here.

Churchill & co
Churchill and company

Pirate horse
Pirate horse, same author as on the picture over

God bless stencil ortica noodles
God bless stencil ortica noodles

Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey

Skeleton pasteup
Skeleton by orticanoodles


Scary clown
Scary clown

streetart in Gallarate
The only piece, but a great one, in the neighbour village Gallarate. Work by work by Thoms, Skah, Gatto, Senso, Mambo and Raptuz