13 October 2010

The Logan Hicks thriller

During Nuart 2009 Logan Hicks made this wonderful piece in Stavanger:

Streetart in Stavanger
Nuart 2009

Last week the picture was covered by scaffoldings, as the owner of the wall, Stavanger Storsenter shopping mall had plans to renovate the facade.

Requiem for the Logan Hicks piece?

This caused an uproar in town. This piece is much loved, and many people spoke up to not let it disappear. The FoodStory restaurant across the street put a sign in their window, begging for the painting to stay.

Requiem for the Logan Hicks piece?

Also right-wing politician and head of the environment and development fraction Kjell Erik Grøsfjeld stated that some streetart is so beautiful it should be saved. As opposed to graffiti that should all be illegal.

As of October 12th it is still uncertain what Stavanger Storsenter decides to do with the artwork.