29 November 2009

PÖFF day 2

Mary and Max
Adam Elliot
Australia 2009
16:00 Cinamon Saku Saal

This is a must-see. A truly wonderful, funny and touching animated movie about two lonely souls, a girl with a poo-coloured birthmark and no friends, and a 44-year old man with Asperger's syndrome, that coincidentially become pen-pals. The characters, the story, the environments and the details are so unique and fantastic.

I Draw, Therefore I Am
Kim Finn, John Hakalax
Finland 2009
17:45 Kinomaja
world premiere

With the consent of the subject of the movie, Ilon Wikland, access to her wonderful pictures from Astrid Lindgren's books, and her interesting life, a success is almost guaranteed. Still, this movie does not succeed at all. Instead of diving into the incredible world of her art, it lingers just on the surface of her life story and uses muzac and cheesy digital effects on the drawings and old pictures. I was expecting to see a movie about Wikland's drawings - after all the title of the movie is "i draw, therefore i am" - but it is not, it only very briefly touches the topic of the drawings. It is a partly interesting story about an Estonian escaped to Sweden, but unfortunately not so much more.

God, Smell and Her
Karin Arnold
Sweden, Denmark 2009
21:00 vonKrahl

This is the first time I have ever left in the middle of a movie during seven years at Pöff. If it only had been provoking or challenging. The movie was nothing to me, it gave me absolutely nothing. It started promising: a female artist is not talking about art, but making fun of the curator, that frustratedly and stressedly tries to pretend that he is translating while making up some talk about the art. But then it goes all bad. A disoriented middleaged women is filmed at a lot of different spots, some Indian gurus talk about their religious views, all coarsely cut together into a mess. Reading the telephone book or watching paint dry is more interesting than this.