01 December 2009

PÖFF day 3

Between Two Worlds
Vimukthi Jayasundara
Sri Lanka 2009

What a movie experience! We were warned in advance that this is not a move but a serie of paintings. Like the protagonist that suddenly appears in this world we are spectators in a world of fear, where the civil war is always present, whether in gun firing sounds, burning trees, people getting killed or soldiers popping up from anywhere. The men are hiding from the enemies, if they emerge, they will most probably get killed. The women and children are left. The feeling that nowhere is safe gets under our skin and we just want to hide. An incredible way of portraying the fear and horrors of civil war almost without showing any violence.

Gytis Luksas
Lithuania 2009

A 140 minute black&white epic about life in Lithuania during Soviet occupation and Khrutschov time. The lifestory of a man that lets the women in his life decide his destiny; first his mother, then the truckdriveress Klava and ultimately her friend Masha. If this movie had been made in 1965 it would have been a classic today. But it is actually made in 2009. It is a story about life in hostels filled with drinkers and thieves, waiting in vain to get their own flat, about countryside people moving to the towns to find job, about the different nationalities mixed throughout the Soviet union speaking a mixture of languages. An instant classic