04 December 2009

PÖFF day 6

House of Fools
Eva Isaksen
Norway 2008

A quite typical Norwegian movie about life on a mental institution. All the inhabitants have strange and funny mental illnesses, and they are all nice when it comes down to it. The sosialdemocratic values are in the background all the time, all are equal, you are a valuable person whatever problems you may have, even the employers at the institution have their problems. A nice story but too cuddly, or "koselig" in Norwegian, for my taste. Did I mention the happy ending?

Margarida Gil
Portugal 2004

A strange story about the search for a man. All lovemaking is forbidden in an island in the Azores. As the population decreases the governor discovers that the only way out is to send his daughter to the mainland to get pregnant. She meet strange people but never get pregnant. The mainland story is almost Aldomovar-like. A strange and exotic story that evolves in a different way than usual. After the movie I got the feeling that "what was that?", but the the film was still a great experience.

La Tigra, Chaco
Federico Godfrid, Juan Sasiain
Argentina 2008

A long, slow and boring story about the slow and boring life in a small village in Argentina. No salsa blood here. Even in the story about a love triangle drama it goes slowly and without drama.