02 December 2009

PÖFF day 5

Two Horses of Genghis Khan
Buambasuren Davaa
Germany 2009

It is one of these magnificient movies from a very exotic culture. Fantastic landscapes, impressions from the Mongolian countryside and nomadic life. But as most of these movies are set in old times or timeless time, this movie is contemporary, it is a documentary. It shows the search for the cultural heritage, that was lost during the Chinese cultural revolution and now is only sparsely found in the countryside. A singer from the Chinese ruled Inner Mongolia travel to Outer Mongolia (the independent nation Mongolia) to search for versions of a song she only know parts of. Through hardship and disappointments she finally meets an old woman that after some time manages to remember the song. It is a really beautiful experience to enjoy this movie.

Rasmus Merivoo
Estonia, Russia 2009

Well, how can I have an opinion of this movie? I do not know the story that this movie was a parody on, and therefore I did not understand the humour. I envied the others that almost laughed their heads off.

Buratino is a Russian children's story, very loosely based on the story about Pinocchio. This movie is a parody loosely based on the Buratino story. The movie is made by Estonians, with mostly Russian actors, filmed in Russia, and the presented version was in Russian. It was impressive to see the quality of the movie. But as I do not have the cultural background to appreciate the story, I could unfortunately not enjoy it as much as the others.