02 December 2009

PÖFF day 4

The Hunt
Andis Miziss
Latvia 2009

A collection of loosely knit stories without a beginning or end, all more or less connected to the local bar/hotel/trainstation/gas station. Hunters go out for the annual memorial hunt. Local home brewers deliver their goods. The train filled with pregnant lonely women passes by. Forest marathon runners seek refuge there. The local police pops in both on duty and on their free time. It is a nice mood movie without any clear story or plot.

Low Lights
Ignas Miskinis
Lithuania 2009

What a movie! a mix of "Night on Earth", "Thelma and Louise", with a Lithuanian touch. It starts like a classical road move; the bored insurance clerk from a boring marriage meets an old aquiantance, and they go on driving without purpouse. But they are not driving across the country (which would take only about three hours), they drive around in the city, on streets that are blocked by traffic at daytime, but empty at night. Night is the time when everybody changes their personality. The long scenes driving pulls us, the spectators, into the mood (especially as the film was screened late at night). A fantastic movie experience from Lithuania.