10 May 2012

TJ Art Walk Oslo

TJ Art Walk
Faile, D*Face, The London Police, Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Will Barras, Martin Whatson, Galo
Oslo, Norway

Under the slogan "Streetart for human rights - against terror and intolerance" several streetartists made murals in Oslo 1.-19.8.2011. The aim was to create an art walk of memorials to the victims of the 22.7.11 terrorist acts. This is an interesting mix of streetart, activism, politics and memorial, presented on both temporary boards and murals that will last. This was as far as I know one of the first art responses to the 22.7.11. I am not sure if this will be the strongest art response to that. But it is great that also Oslo now has public art by such great artists. I am curious if there will be a new happening this year, and in that case what the topic will be.

Work by Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey

Work by Logan Hicks
Logan Hicks

Work by Faile

Work by Faile
Faile detail

Mural by D-Face

Mural by D-Face
D-Face detail

Mural by London Police
London Police

Mural by Martin Whatson
Martin Whatson

Mural by Galo

Mural by Will Barras
Will Barras

more about the project here