31 May 2012

Streetart in Bergen: In the center

Bergen center

Streetart are there to be found all over Bergen. Most important are the pieces by their very own Dolk, but also a fantastic several years old work by M-City, a quite old one by Pøbel, many stencils, and some important messages to the public.

work by M-City

Protected work by Dolk
Protected work by Dolk

work by Argus
- this one is next to the Aquarium, famous for its penguins (minus one)

work by Argus

work by Pøbel

They'll kill you for nothing!
They'll kill you for nothing! - in the trainstation parking house

sticker by Eclipse / dotdotdot

Stencil (and sculpture) at McDonald's
A rather cryptic stencil on the McDonald's entrance (and a weird sculpture)

Tølpere! Vokt Eder!
Tølpere! Vokt Eder!

Du har mange som er glad i deg - Love Crew
There are many that love you - Love Crew

Chalk flower
A nice flower drawed in chalk

Question bunny
A curious bunny at the train station