29 August 2010

ÅÅÅ - a dive in the Universe

A performance by A-btffn during the opening of "Hommage to Iver Jåks" at Stavanger Kunstforening. The headdress-burka was made of receipts.

As all the other art was exhibited on small pedestals or shelves, this human-body-pedestal was an artpiece in itself, a performance art.

ÅÅÅ-a dive in the universe

ÅÅÅ-a dive in the universe

Every time she makes a performance she puts out an open call to do similar performances at the same time. This time artists from Caracas, Venezuela, responded. So the performance was held synchronized in Stavanger and Caracas.

More about the performance at abtffn8aaa.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/stavanger-and-caracas...