17 May 2013

Erling Valtyrson: Mezzotint

Erling Valtyrson
Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger
Mezzotint prints

Valtyrson presents a wide range of prints, with motives ranging from landscape through still-lives to the absurd. As I understand mezzotint is a very time-consuming and delicate process, the pictures are small, and each tiny dot marks a part of the process. Knowing this it is surprising and interesting which motives the artist choose. After all this is the motive he will be stuck with for quite some time. For us, the viewers, a still life composition may appear as just a collection of items. But knowing the artist must have contemplated exactly these items for a long time, it adds more depth to it.

Erling Valtyrson: Fra et kabinett

Erling Valtyrson: Vals - etter en jarlsberg

Erling Valtyrson: Form

Erling Valtyrson: Landskap

(Sorry about the reflections and weird angles on the photos, this was the best I could do.)