29 November 2012

Streetart in Tallinn

Urban art
The streets of Tallinn
November 2012

This is what I found this November in Tallinn, some small surprises, some large:

There are plenty of these pyramids in town, especially south of the center.

Activity lead to victory
These rats are also everywhere, this one has a message: "Activity leads to victory"

Two rats and a dino
Two rats are out for a ride, joined by a dinosaur

Shiba / whore
I am not sure if this woman is a tribute to Roy Liechtenstein, but apparently someone considers her a whore

Is it code? Is it cyrillian? Someone's made a message in tape at the Freedom Square

Face and decor
Dark face on a power station

Lots of Marilyns appeared as pasteups on covered windows

Marilyn and Andy
And some Andys are there to keep her company

Grand mural in Luha street
And a treat at last, I was so thrilled to see this large, colorful mural on a wall that used to be grey and boring. This seems like a comissioned collaboration of several artists, there might be a Multistab monster in there too.