29 November 2012

Jaak Soans: Shadows

Jaak Soans
Kunstihoone, Tallinn

Many of Jaak Soans' works are familiar to not only Estonians, but also visitors. His sculptures of famous Estonians are present in the cityscape, both in the old town and in the modern centre. Most known is probably the A.H.Tammsaare monument in the Tammsaare Park just outside the Viru shopping mall. A sculpture you pass by on your rush between the shopping mall and the opera, or where the local youngsters use to hang during Summer days. Knowing his majestic and solid works in iron, it is a joy to see him play with other materials and forms as well, like installations or machines of dubious purposes, or a bunch of ladders obscuring a backwards video of tourists entering the city from the ferry.

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Jaak Soans: A. H. Tammsaare memorial
A. H. Tammsaare memorial

Jaak Soans: Bird's House
Bird's House

Jaak Soans
(sorry, I miss the title on this installation)

Jaak Soans: The Pyramid of Civilisation
The Pyramid of Civilisation