27 November 2012

PÖFF 2012 top 5

Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival / Black Nights Film Festival
Tallinn, Estonia

This is my very subjective top 5 list of 13 seen films at this year's film festival:

1:Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
A movie about my favourite artist and one of my favourite countries, China, would have made it to the top list even if it was not well made. Now this documentary is very well made, so that makes it my very favourite film.

2:A Caretaker's Tale

High score on the contrasts, the beauty and the surprises mixed with a wonderful, unique story.


Based on a price-winning novel, based on what may have happened to some during the Soviet occupation and today, and very well presented on the screen. 

4:Marie Krøyer
Wonderfully filmed with the colors and the light of Krøyer's paintings, and the intense beauty of the first so happy and then so sad Marie.

5:A Lady in Paris
A well told story, with a well fitting mood. Great to see such quality in Estonian film making.