04 October 2012

Agnes Btffn: Code

Agnes Btffn
Tou Vindu, Stavanger
Human full-size profiles and codes

People keep moving and resettling in a rapid pace. When you settle down in a foreign culture, how do you understand the codes?

At the same time we are gathering and craving more and more information. This is too much to grasp, and the approach to be able to compute and identify items by a machine are stripe codes and QR-codes.

These codes give a lot of information, but are totally impossible to read for a human. Thus there are codes undecifferable to us in our own culture, we need assistance to understand them.

A-Bttfn's installation at Tou Scene show a lineup of human life-size profiles, forming a shape like a crooked stripe code. The stripe code is manipulated just so much that we understand that these are humans, but we get to know nothing more about them.

Are they locals, immigrants or emigrants? Even their sex is difficult to distinguish. How can we get to know such a mass of featureless people, what would be the approach? Is there an app for making friends?

Agnes BTffn: Code

Agnes BTffn: Code

Agnes BTffn: Code