16 September 2012

Ingeborg Kvame: Folding Darkness

Folding Darkness
Ingeborg Kvame
Galleri Sult, Stavanger
Drawings and installations

For this exhibition I expected to see her beautiful, intense, detailed pencil drawings. And I was not at all disappointed. In addition the exhibition has a lot of other works, a massive mound of origami birds, weaving, sewing, textile, rubble. Kvame's extreme eye for detail seems to be crucial in all she creates, even in the design of the exhibition rooms, changing them totally. I can hardly imagine the time and effort involved in drawing the wonderful folded hair of the double portrait, the folding of a thousand origami birds, or the landscape-like sewing. She is allowing us to enter a universe of intense beauty, but also of darkness, uncertainty and fear.

Ingeborg Kvame: Eg vaknar + Folding darkness + Skjult
Eg vaknar + Folding darkness + Skjult

Ingeborg Kvame: Eg vaknar
Eg vaknar

Ingeborg Kvame: Oppreise + Stolen
Oppreise + Stolen

Ingeborg Kvame: Utvaksne