15 September 2012

Adele Vibeke Fatland: Bak meg

Bak meg - litt om sårbarhet
(Behind me - something about vulnerability)
Adele Vibeke Fatland
Trykk 17, Stavanger
Etchings of the beautiful and the ugly things in life

A charming exhibition of etchings of portraits of beautiful people and things, but also of the ugly situations and people. I find the first nice, but the latter most interesting. Here are etchings of children portraits, little girls' dresses, but also nuns, drunk people, crazy people, and my favourite, a walking aid and wash mop installation.

Again the Trykk 17 gallery does a great job in both presenting the local print artists and the various printing techniques.

Adele Vibeke Fatland: Novisen
(the novice)

Adele Vibeke Fatland: Fyllefesten
(the drunk party)

Adele Vibeke Fatland: Stativet
(The stand)

Adele Vibeke Fatland: Dansekongen + Kokte Rotta + Loretta med kammen
Dansekongen + Kokte Rotta + Loretta med kammen
( The dance king + boiled rat + Loretta with the comb)