17 September 2012

Atle Østrem: Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows
Atle Østrem
Reedprojects Gallery, Stavanger

Welcome to the beaugliful universe of Atle Østrem! It has been a pleasure to see how his combination of text and portraits have evolved, now also including collage items. He has an eye for the details, and the details of the eyes are specially interesting. Eyes cut from moneybills(?) and fashion magazines are blended into his unique personas of large heads, bad teeth and bright colours. There is an Østrem avatar for everyone of us, and to the pleasure of the kids some come in reasonable size and price. Don't miss this exhibition! (And you won't miss it if you happen to be downtown Stavanger, his large mural shows you the way.)

Atle Østrem: Public mural
Public mural by the gallery

Atle Østrem: The F word + Something Different
The F Word + Something Different

Atle Østrem: Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Atle Østrem: Broken Smile Homage
Broken Smile Homage

Atle Østrem: Low Baller (detail)
Low Baller (detail)