02 May 2010

Yoo Kyung Hong in Stavanger

Yoo Kyung Hong
TAOH Residency, Tou Scene, Stavanger

Korean artist, now based in Paris, Yoo Kyung Hong just had a short stay at the TAOH residency at Tou Scene in Stavanger. She works with both installations and photo. If you have seen someone placing stuffed stockings on different spots and then photographing it, it is probably her. I was happy to see some of her works on display. Some of the works were done during her stay in Stavanger.

It is interesting to see such usual domestic products like socks and stockings turned into something alien, appearing around in town. Even when the domestic items are in a domestic setting they are turned alien by their appearance and placing. The bulging forms of the stockings and the red beans emerging from the water tap makes me curious of what is inside.