18 May 2010


About artist Jaix from Modena, Italy:
I first noticed Jaix' work in the streets of Modena. The streets were filled with stickers picturing the face of a black and white dog, some naturalistic, some almost abstract. Some show the dog as a human, some are so abstract they consist of only three black squares on a white background, but you can still figure out the dog face.

I later discovered some of his large works, put up during the Icone International Graffiti Festival in 2009 and an assignment on a dog hotel. Jaix has also had exhibitions in galleries in northern Italy.

Meeting the artist, I learned that the dog pictured was actually his own dog. Lately he has also been posting pictures featuring both the dog and the art. I am not sure whether he consider these pictures as documentation or art. But in my opinion these pictures add an extra level to the conception, and has a high value as art, not just documentation. The pictures show his sense of humour as the dog is posing in front of the piece, or peeing on the piece or yawning at it.

These two pictures are made by Jaix himself: