09 April 2012

Sands Murray-Wassink: Sincere

Sands Murray-Wassink
Cokkie Snoei gallery, Rotterdam
Opening, sexual art

Sands Murray-Wassink: Sincere

Sometimes I get this feeling of being totally misplaced, and not getting any idea of what is going on. I just happened to get to know about this opening, knowing nothing more than the address and time. I found it interesting to see how openings happen in Rotterdam, so I just went there with an open mind. It is this great feeling not knowing what you will experience, being open to whatever may be. I know the artist has always been working towards the opening, and the gallery has done its best for the visitors to get a memorable impression.

At this opening there was a long speech in Dutch, and the art was incomprehensible for me, not knowing its history or context. What I see are colorful materials with texts and pictures of explicit sexualt contents. As I do not know the artist, the gallery or the culture, I do not know, is this meant to provoke or is it everyday topics? In Norway photos of a male nude with erection would probably create fuss, but how is it recieved in a country where the sexuality of the Red Light Districts are main tourist attractions?

Neither the technique or contents are exactly my cup of tea. Would I have had stronger impressions if I knew the background? I wonder how many visitors of any opening get this same feeling of not getting it. But do we ever dare to reveal that to anyone?

Somehow this exhibition stays in my memory, but for the "wrong" reasons. I do not want to blame the artist or the gallery, I am sure they did their best, I just did not get it this time.

Sands Murray-Wassink: Sincere
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Sands Murray-Wassink: Sincere
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Sands Murray-Wassink: Sincere
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