26 April 2012

Platou's Cave at NoPlace

Platou's Cave
Per Platou
NoPlace, Oslo
Spacial installation, light, sound

This exhibition space is really a NoPlace, I walked by it twice before I realized it had to be this spot. The heavy traffic is rushing by, even on a Sunday afternoon. Inside I was invited into a dark room, with only dimmed light, carpet and pillows on the floor. A sound track was played, with sounds from environment that could be from exotic places, but could also be from the nearby areas in East Oslo. The sounds are intertwined with the noise from the outside, until you cannot distinguish what is inside and what is outside. The lights dim up and down to underline the variations in the sounds. After a busy day walking around in the city getting wet, sitting down and just contemplate on the sounds was a bliss both for body and soul.

Platou's Cave at NoPlace

Platou's Cave at NoPlace 

Sound is difficult to photograph, so you will have to imagine for yourself.