18 April 2012

Hege Tapio: Eksperimenter fra en barndom i Sør Afrika

Eksperimenter fra en barndom i Sør Afrika
(Experiments from a childhood in South Africa)
Hege Tapio

Trykk 17, Stavanger
Photographic prints

Hege Tapio presents prints made from photos made in South Africa. The pictures show children exploring both their micro- and macrocosmos. They explore the small wonders of the seaside, and the marvel of an exotic country. Some frames look like family pictures, others like travel pictures. What makes them special are not only the motives, but the technique: rubber print / cyanotype. I am not able to describe the process, but the result are blue, grainy, beautiful pictures, with different results for each print. The bunch of prints on a table in the gallery shows different versions of the prints on the walls.

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