25 August 2011


Hå gamle prestegard, Hå, Norway
prints, paintings and video

Entering the world of Pushwagner is entering a world of extreme conformity in extreme colors. Myriads of identical people are living identical lives, while the authorities control that the conformity is total. It is the world of George Orwell's "1984", or the sci-fi movies and novels of the 70s. But Pushwagner creates this black-and-white world in a wide variety of colors. This world seems horrible and repulsive, but with Pushwagners colors it becomes almost tolerable, maybe even tempting.

Pushwagner: Vertigo

This is visible in the large paintings of multistorey buildings with identical inhabitants, or in the massive amount of persons inhabiting the inside of the artist's head in his self portrait.

Pushwagner: Self portrait

The picture series "A day in the Man family's life" shows a pink-and-black story of a typical day in a typical family in this world. A boy wakes up, dad goes to work together with all other dads, in the evening they watch tv and go to sleep. Nothing extraordinary at all. But hey, isn't that a typical day of our lives as well? Are we really in Pushwagnerland already?

Pushwagner: En dag i familien Manns liv
Pushwagner: En dag i familien Manns liv