19 August 2011

Overheard Stories

Liisa Kruusmägi
Draakoni Galerii, Tallinn

A wonderful exhibition of drawings of ordinary people and their overheard conversations about nothing and everything.

Liisa Kruusmägi: Overheard Stories
"95 year olds are kids, look"
"Those useless people should be paid to clean the beaches, to clean away the algae"

Liisa Kruusmägi: Overheard Stories
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Liisa Kruusmägi: Overheard Stories

"Like a kitten, sticks his nose in and ... The only way would be to take the children away - I thought I would go and yell at them. A couple of drunkards were there. A pink house with a red roof. - He said what a jerk. And then apologized. Who am I then? I'm home at 5 every day. A Tiiu gave it to me. - It's probably a dreadful business. You have to fuss around and."