23 August 2011

Anthology of video experiments

Erikk McKenzie
Beer halls, Tou Scene, Stavanger
video art

Walking into the darkness of the beer halls at Tou Scene, I head for the light in the innermost hall. There are several screens showing different work by Erikk McKenzie. Some tell a story about a special place, some are time- and spaceless, and only one is staged. McKenzie presents his videos as experiments, and they are very different experiments. One video tells the story about ordinary people facing multinational companies in a struggle for drinking water. Another video features a man in dress dancing in a churchyard. And one is a wild mix of super-8 clips. My favourite is the only video with a script. Workers in orange overalls pop out of a pipe on the roof of Tou scene. It is filled with humour and aestetics.

I enjoyed how the videos were presented: on a screen in a shopping cart, on a tv in front of a sofa, projected on the wall. This is a landscape of videos.

Erikk McKenzie - videos

Erikk McKenzie - videos
Erikk McKenzie: Thruth spat me into a world of conventions