23 August 2011

Already seen

Kamilla Skrinde: Allerede sett
Bunkersen, Tou Scene, Stavanger
at Tou Scene, 18.8.-11.9.11

Kamilla Skrinde presents her photos both framed on the walls and in her do-it-yourself fanzine. She shows staged photos, exploring the possibilities of the body. I was most impressed by a photo of an arm on a table. I suppose the rest of the body is there as well, but I can not be sure. This could be a crime scene, or this is somebody that fell under the table. The hand shows a gesture like it wants to tell something, but I do not understand what.

I also like her nice idea of making a limited-edition fanzine to display her other works. The fanzines were laid out on a table in the middle of the room, like a sculpture.

Kamilla Skrinde: Allerede sett

Kamilla Skrinde: Allerede sett