19 March 2011

White at .NO

Contemporary Norwegian Art in NYC
(from the series blue|white|red)
gallery .NO, NYC
Kurt Johannessen, Anki King, Lars Strandh, Björn Hegardt, Finn Graff, Kristin Skrivervik, Lotte Konow Lund, Ane Graff, Sol Kjøk, Rune Olsen

I was very happy to attend the vernissage of this Norwegian gallery during my stay in New York. The place was packed with people, and as the performance started, it was actually quite difficult for the artist to move through the crowd without hurting somebody.

The theme of the exhibition was White, which was the major colour in the works. Apart from that, there was a wide range of techniques. A great show. I only wish I could see the other two exhibitions themed by the colours of the Norwegian flag. Blue was the first one, Red will be the last.

Here are some highlights from the opening:

Björn Hegardt: Continous City II

Sol Kjøk: Waiting for the Sun

Kristin Skrivervik: Silence of Future

Performance by Agnes Nerdregård