15 March 2011

Fountain art fair, NY

Fountain art fair
March 3–6, 2011
Pier 66 Maritime @ 26th Street & 12th Avenue in Hudson River Park, aka The Frying Pan

Here are some highlights from the low-brow Fountain art fair in New York:

Fountain art fair, NY
The venue, in a tent on a barge by the pier. It was rocking as other boats passed.

Some pieces from the giant mural that was made for the art fair:
Mural by Chris Stain
Chris Stain

Mural by Elle

Mural by Gaia

Fountain art fair, NY
Interior view at Fountain art fair

Mubarak code
Political art: the Mubarak code

Sarah Palin  - stencil
More political art: hunting Sarah Palin

One of the memorable performances

Silence performance
A silence performance on the deck of the barge