20 March 2011


Ulrich Vogl (GE)
Galleri Opdahl, Stavanger

This is the first exhibition of Ulrich Vogl in Norway. I am thrilled the first exhibition is in Stavanger, "Nordlicht" (Northern Lights) is really enjoyable.

The first work I meet is "Nine Clouds and a Cage". A cage on the wall contains nine aluminium foil clouds, lit by a warming lamp. The clouds are moving randomly according to the draft. They are caged, but the doors are open. One actually tried to get out but changed its mind when I was there. Maybe the safety in the cage is better than the outside. After all they are warmed by the cosy lamp that usually keep eggs warm before hatching.

Ulrich Vogl: Nine Clouds and a Cage. Picture from www.galleriopdahl.no

The aluminium clouds are also present in the next piece, "Of Islands and Clouds". A giant dreamweaver with clouds move softly, casting shadows on a landscape of sugar islands. They are in constant movement, there will always be some kind of air movement or draft in the venue. A fisheye mirror make sure you are always a part of the installation whereever you are standing watching it.

Ulrich Vogl: Of Islands and Clouds. Picture from www.galleriopdahl.no

And now to my favourite: "The Pool". An installation of a small mirror-bottomed pool with plants on the edge, moved by the draft from a fan, lit by a strong lamp. But the major artwork is not this. The lamp and mirrors create a reflection on the wall. On this all the installation, but also the invisible is visible. The moving plants are silhouetted, but the pool shape is distorted by the angle. And the ripples on the water create shadow formations on the background on the projected image.

Ulrich Vogl: The Pool. Picture from www.galleriopdahl.no

"Room" bring the glamour of a royal palace to the gray, rainy streets of Stavanger. Or is it the other way around? The lens-shaped picture of the interior of the Versailles(?) is in stark contrast to the surroundings, but at the same time it tries to be a part of it. On the other hand, the work is easily moved to another environment, creating a different contrast.

Ulrich Vogl: Room. Picture from www.galleriopdahl.no

This is an exhibition you should not miss. It is one of the exhibitions that makes me happy also after walking out the door.