30 January 2011

Top 5 in 2010

This is my subjective list of the most important or impressive exhibitions or art happenings in the region during 2010:

1 Nuart
Nuart got even larger in 2010 with large sizes and great artists. Nuart is keeping the position as one of the most important and interesting street art festivals internationally.

2 Yang Fudong at Kinokino
A daring project by Kinokino: to fill all the exhibition rooms and screening halls with video art by Shanghai artist Yang Fudong. A remarkable exhibition of world class in Sandnes!

3 Public Screens
The project of curated video art exhibitions on public screens was started by i/o/lab in 2010. This is a great, new idea with many possibilities for the future.

4 Stavanger2008 documentary
In the wake of the Stavanger Culture Capital 2008, the documentary was finally presented in 2010. A movie showing the fantastic moments, but also the controversies. This gave a spark to many discussions about the choices made before, during and after 2008.

5 R-Open
All artists in the county were invited to open their studio for visitors for one day. A great success with artist talks, workshops and a lot of interested people moving along.

And here are the most important headlines on art that will appear during 2011 (hopefully):

-The Tou Vision is fully financed, the artists are moving into the new studios

-Nuart is even greater than last year, Banksy turned up and left some pieces

-The art map/calendar is launched, showing all major galleries in the Stavanger region

-The Stavanger politicians decided to increase the funding for Sølvberget to keep the gallery running

-Nytorget is declared graffiti zone, the temporary walls are almost daily refreshed by new pieces

-Kunstpalasset has a grand opening after some months of rehabilitation works