24 January 2011

DAZE: Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition
Changart gallery, 798 art district, Beijing

It is not easy to find graffiti and streetart in China, at least not outside the 798 art district. That makes this exhibition special. This is the first solo show by graffiti pioneer "Daze" Chris Ellis (b. 1962) in China.

There is a thin line between the tasteless kitch and the impressive artwork in any line of art, but especially in graffiti. There are some few writers that really create art, and a lot of writers that are living by the rule "more is more", the more colours the better.
As an art field that has developed quite a bit since the early days, it is mostly interesting as a historical background to see the Daze artworks. The aestetics of the 70s and 80s are very present in these works.
I find one piece more interesting: He has painted a subway door, with tags on it. Very interesting approach, painting your tags.

DAZE solo exhibition
DAZE solo exhibition
DAZE solo exhibition

Daze at Changart gallery