25 April 2010

Yang Fudong - last week

Yang Fudong
18.02.2010 - 02.05.2010
Kinokino, Sandnes

We are entering the last week of the fantastic exhibition of Yang Fudong.

I will miss going to Kinokino and joining the seven intellectuals in their five movies "Seven Intellectuals In Bamboo Forest" - in their struggles in relationships, in farming, in fishing, in the urban life. I will miss the love story and the karaoke on the Shanghai rooftops in "Flutter, Flutter, Jasmine, Jasmine", and the dust and barking dogs in the ”East of Que Village”.

You still have the possibility to see it until the 2th of May.

It is not easy describing and reviewing the exhibition, it is something you have to experience yourself. Let me just say that these movies seem simple and empty at first glance, but they just grow as you see them. Especially the "Seven intellectuals..." movies. Shot with a lo-fi handheld camera, the picture is blurry and in coarse black&white. There is not an obvious storyline, it is more about moods, feelings, situations. It is a challenge being able to see all five hours of film, but I am almost there. You just have to sit down in the cinema hall, and sink into the mood. Laugh at the intellectuals carrying their suitcases through muddy rice fields, along rocky beaches and across railroad tracks. Share the thoughtfulness and the meditation on rooftops, in parties, in the nature. Join in the fun of rooftop baseball, rice planting, catching a fish. And feel the struggle of coping with relationships, urban life, abandoned buildings, countryside life.

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