20 March 2010

Neon in Tou Vindu

Kine Lillestrøm and Trond Hugo Haugen
Tou Vindu / Tou Scene, Stavanger

This pop-art/stencil style taped portrait is made of neon-coloured tape in the great gallery space at Tou Scene. It shows the writer (in the old sense of the title) Arne Garborg (1851-1924). The piece aims to show that Garborg is now considered old-style and rural, while he actually was a very international and avant-garde writer in his time. Both artists have a connection to the writer from living in the two different areas he lived for some time.

I do not quite understand the link to Garborg and why it is important. It is a strong portrait of an intellectual, but would it have been equally strong with a portrait of a contemporary intellectual or someone unknown?

The piece is best viewed from the outside in the dark. Very interesting technique, and I love how the tape ends end up on the floor.



More about the exhibition here